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Hello everybody, my name is Nabhan, I’m originally from Mosul, Iraq. My passion for Tumblers pigeons started when I was 7 years old when my uncle, who used to breed Turkish Tumblers/Mosul Tumblers, gave me a pair of pigeons as a gift in my birthday. I was so amazed by their colors and performance. After finishing my school for that year, I asked my parents to spend my whole summer with my uncle. I helped my uncle with his loft, and he taught me so much about all the different types of Turkish Tumblers/Mosul Tumblers. One great sentence that I learned from my uncle: “ It is not about how many pigeons you have, yet it is about quality.” I kept this sentence in my heart all these years. When I moved to The United State, I literally could not live without pigeons, so I imported many different types from Iraq and Turkey. These birds came from best bloodlines, and some of them actually were brought from my uncle’s loft as eggs.

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